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Video blogging is just like writing online, only you create a video. Wait, that isn't exactly right.

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Bloggers generally think (or not think), and then pound away on keyboards. Video bloggers can just video away, but there are quite a few who elevate it to an art form.

BusinessWeek Online features a few vlogs in Let a Million Videos Bloom Online.

That's where you'll read out about film editor Ryan Hodson. Check out her My Great Party video blog entry.

[Aaaargh. It's Ryanne Hodson.]

From Ryanne Hodson, you'll also read about Dylan Verdi, the Youngest Videoblogger in the World. Hmmm... I wonder how long it will take for someone younger than 11 to come out with his or her own videoblog.

Videoblogging has its costs. You'll need a digicam, of course, plus some software to edit your story. You know, add text here and there, merge separate scenes -- check out's list of Advanced Video Editors.

The price of such editors ranges from $100 to $600 (or higher). There's also the cost of bandwidth.

If your video gets popular, people will flock to your web site. As they download/view your movie, you'll end up paying for the consumed bandwidth. In the case of Michael Verdi, they moved files to to address bandwidth consumption issues.

If you visit, you'll find quite a few videos. Even some about tsunamis.

Will video blogging take off considering the requirements of producing and of watching such movies online? Perhaps. Afterall, if blogging gave people a voice on the web, videoblogging will give people a moving face online.

So, if you want to express yourself, check out the response to your indie film, create your own commercial or "TV" show, try vblogging today!
[ First posted on 01/07/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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