Dog Bites Man

I once was bitten by a dog. Thankfully, a one-inch stick saved my life.

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Hazel's First Aid for Cat or Dog Bites reminded me of the time I was sitting on the porch of my neighbor Gary Boy one summer. His mongrel, Tatsing, was beside us.

I dunno. We were probably bored, so I made the mistake of petting the dog on the head. Tatsing must've taken that as an attack, and promptly bit me on my waist.

I didn't dare move, because I thought my flesh would rip out, so Gary just bopped the dog on the head. Mercifully, the dog let go of me. I lifted my shirt and saw two puncture wounds on my left side.

Gary ran inside the house and came out with this one-inch bamboo stick. I was shaped like a cylinder whose end was cut at an angle. On the slanted portion, I saw what looked like a cross. There was some purplish ink on it. Maybe it was iodine?

Anyway, Gary presses this bamboo thing on my wound and utters a prayer.

I didn't get sick. Neither did Tatsing. Never saw a doctor. Never told my parents.

I know, I know. Pinoy superstition. Scared ten year-old. Didn't have Hazel's blog entry back then.
[ First posted on 10/20/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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