Halloween Story #2: OOBE

An OOBE or Out Of Body Experience happens when you frighteningly find yourself floating outside your own body. It happened to me back when I was still in college.

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I remember studying for a Math exam one humid afternoon. The heat, the heavy lunch, and the mind-numbing book pushed me to take a nap.

So I climbed to the bedroom and lay across the bed. I remember resting my head on my extended left arm. I'll just take a nap, I thought.

Some tricycle was approaching the house, and as the sound of its motor grew louder, my left arm fell asleep.

But when I tried to move it, it wouldn't budge. And neither could the rest of my body.

Am I paralyzed? Did I suffer a stroke?

I kept tugging and struggling... when I suddenly broke free and stood beside the bed. Weird. The side of my face felt squished. It was as if I were still lying on my arm. It felt as if I were still...

...on the bed. I looked and saw myself on the bed. Lying very still.

I sluggishly walked around the bed, wondering if I was just dreaming or if I was already dead.

Anyway, I just embraced my body, closed my eyes, and prayed. After what felt like 10 minutes, I slowly opened my eyes.

I was still outside my body.

Argh. I probably died after trying to study Math. How embarrassing.

I cried for a while, thinking of what my parents would do after they discover me. On the bed. Dead from a heavy lunch and a Math-strained brain. Taken away from this world because of bangungot.

But then I realized it really didn't matter anymore.

So I just decided to sleep on myself. I must have dozed for a few minutes when I suddenly hear the tricycle motor brrrrr-ing loudly right in front of the house. It was as if it just appeared there. Maybe it was the same tricycle I heard earlier?

As the sound of the trike faded away, I stood up and found myself back inside my body. It was quite a while before I slept on that bed again.

It'll soon be Halloween. Try not to study too hard, okay?
[ First posted on 10/06/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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