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Mobile blogging or mblogging refers to posting to your web site via your cellphone. Globe advertised their "G-Blogs" service so I gave it a try.

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You'll find my mobile blog or G-Blog at

(What's with GJMPT? Nothing. It's just that you can easily text GJMPT by tapping the keys 45678 on your cellphone. I chose that name so that people who use their phones to read the mobile blog won't have a hard time. But I digress...)

For some reason, you won't be able to access the site if you type in
You have to remove the 'www' part.

And typing in your browser won't work all the time, because sometimes your browser will type in the www automatically. That's why you'll have to type in to get the site to work. Looks like their Site Administrator will have to make a few adjustments.

Anyway, for P2.50 per 160-character sms text message, I can post in my mobile blog. If texting hurts my thumbs, I can always log online and enter a post using the keyboard.

Read Globe's press release about G-Blogs.

I haven't tried posting photos from my cellphone to the G-Blog because my phone can't take pictures. ;-) Perhaps mobile blogging can be useful when reporting events as they happen, but you'll need to follow Globe's Terms and Conditions regarding what you can post. There are privacy issues especially when it comes to photos taken using your cellphone.

Now if only they'll allow me to call some number using my phone, and then post the audio recording as an MP3 file on my G-Blog site. Hmmmm....
[ First posted on 08/17/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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