To Wordpress Or Not To Wordpress

Prem is using Wordpress and is quite passionate about it. Sassy Lawyer is pleased with Expression Engine, and was fortunate to get a free license.

Hmmm... should I make the switch from static web pages to PHP/mySQL for our web blogs?

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I like Wordpress because of the user-friendly URLs and the Categories, among other features of Wordpress 1.2, but something bothers me...

How do I easily recover in case the database containing all the entries and comments gets corrupted? (Expression Engine's free licenses have run out.)

With static files, I simply download the html pages and store them off-site. In case something happens to the webserver, I simply upload those html files and voila, there's the web site.

But how does one back-up and restore large (forward-looking) databases? Looks like I still have a lot of reading to do...

Blog Issues to Resolve:

0. First Things First
» Testdrive Wordpress

1. Back-up and restore database

2. Server performance due to dynamic-generation of web pages

3. WP Bugs / Other Issues
» HuddledMasses

4. Do I really want to turn on commenting? (AnP, how are online forms and comment forms different in terms of the jahe factor? And where may I download a copy of Movabletype 2.661? hehehe... just kidding!)

» Kitten's Spam Words 1.0 - a WP plugin that can mass-delete comments based on email address, url, or ip address. What happens if the ip address belongs to a fairly popular ISP? Do we say goodbye to the comments of the other subscribers of that ISP?
[ First posted on 06/09/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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