Pamela-mela wan Graduation

Last Sunday, I visited my folks. Across the street, their neighbor rented out the second floor of their house for the graduation ceremony of some children. Just before "eating time", I heard the children sing Carol Banawa's Iingatan Ka. This was followed by what I imagine to be a lively dance number (the song blaring in the background was Pamela-mela wan).

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To help you better understand why these songs are quite popular, here's more information online:

Chords and Lyrics of Carol Banawa's Iingatan Ka (I Will Take Care Of You)
...In my life my only dream is to have your love. Even if I glimpse you for but an instant, my happiness is endless. May I never wake if I will dream. As you journey through this colorful life, you'll sometimes stumble and yet be unable to cry your pain away. You don't have to slave away, because in your life, someone still loves you. I will value you and take care of you. In my heart, you are the hope. In our world, someone will guide you. I offer you my love. There is someone who loves you and who will support you. My Mom, you gave me life. A beautiful life I dream to have today.

True, the lyrics don't always make sense (especially when I struggle to translate them into English from Tagalog/Pilipino). But Iingatan Ka has a lyrical rhythm and enough drama that makes it truly Pinoy. What started out as a romantic song turned into a song for Mom. No wonder those children hugged their parents tightly.

To lighten up the second floor drama, they danced to the lively Pamela wan, Pamela-mela wan...

Everyone's into the novelty act!

Star Cinema is set to release this Wednesday the comedy film Otso-otso Pamela-mela Wan. It's based on two novelty songs released by sister company Star Records "Tayo'y Mag-Otso-otso" popularized by Bayani Agbayani and "Pamela-mela Wan" made famous by Vhong Navarro. The two comedians topbill the movie directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng, a mainstay director of ABS-CBN 2 and Star Cinema. And since ABS-CBN 2 is now really an entertainment empire that builds up its own stars, the leading ladies of both guys are also very much homegrown stars, namely, Michelle Bayle and Cherry Lou.

They naturally got hungry afterwards, so everyone crowded around the buffet table.

Such is weekend life in the Philippines -- drama and senti tears, lively gyrations, and no-holds-barred eating.

(Now if only I can find someone who will teach me how to dance the Pamela Wan, Tu, Tri and Por...)
[ First posted on 03/24/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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