Gawad Kalinga: Helping Rebuild The Lives of the Poor in the Philippines

Last Sunday, we accompanied our friends to Barangay San Jose near La Loma, and got a glimpse of Gawad Kalinga's program of rebuilding the lives of the poorest of the poor in the Philippines.

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I got to speak with Rico, a real estate broker (when the opportunity presents itself) who was understandably skeptical about this whole Gawad Kalinga program.

Rico: Do I have to be a member of Couples for Christ (CFC) before you build me a house?
Me: You don't have to. I'm not a member of CFC.
Rico: ???

(It seems that people are wary about Gawad Kalinga. Some think it's just a way of recruiting people into some religious organization, or that some politicians are going to use this to gain votes.)

Gawad Kalinga is "a growing multi-sectoral partnership driven by a vision of a new Philippines with NO MORE SLUMS."


Imagine, Gawad Kalinga will provide building materials, while those living in the squatter areas will contribute labor--they will build the house of their neighbor, and their neighbor will build their house.

Our Filipino sisters and brothers who are currently living under squalid conditions will be able to regain their dignity, be productive, and be proud that they are able to contribute to society and to the other people around them.

If you want to help by sharing your resources (for the building materials) or your time (for interviews, for actually building the houses), or if you want to learn more about how your Company can participate as a Gawad Kalinga Partner, or if you want to see photos and learn more about how Gawad Kalinga is slowly transforming the Philippines by helping the poorest of the poor, then please visit:

[ First posted on 03/16/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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