How To Convert PDF Files To Word Doc Easily

A lot of my colleagues keep asking how to convert PDF files to Word documents. Fortunately, I've found a solution that you can try for free (for 15 days).

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The program assumes that the PDF file was created from a wordprocessor program. That way, the contents can be converted into text. If the PDF file was created from a scanned image, you'll need another program to convert that image into text.

The free trial version of this PDF-to-Word converter is good for 15 days. It will convert 10% of the total number of pages of the PDF document, or ten pages (whichever is fewer).

Imagine, as more and more annual reports and documents are distributed in PDF form, you can save time by converting them to Word .doc files. You'll have an easier time editing the information to follow the format of your report or presentation.

How good is it? CNET gave it a 5-Star Rating.

Go ahead and try this amazing program for free!

August 2008 Update: The previous PDF to MS Word converter I wrote about is no longer available, but here's another converter you can try:

Smart PDF Converter (by Smart Soft) is software that quickly transforms your PDF files into MS Word documents, MS Excel spreadsheets, HTML web pages, or even JPG images. The free trial allows you to convert the first 3 pages of your document, so that you can see for yourself how fast this works.

So far, I've only tested it on a basic four-page .doc file that contains mostly text an one image. The document was converted into PDF with the help of PDF Factory Pro, and was later beautifully converted back to a Word file thanks to Smart PDF Converter.

In the future, I'll record a screencast tutorial so that you can watch how easy it is to use this software. Smart PDF Converter comes in two versions: Standard and Pro. The main difference lies in the ability of the Pro version to save your documents as PDF. How's that for two-way conversion, right?

Imagine this: Someone sends you a PDF file, and then you notice an error. So you first convert the PDF into a Word file, edit it, and then save the edited Word document back into a PDF file. Convenient, right? That's what you can do with Smart PDF Converter Pro version (and no, I haven't seen that successfully performed with OpenOffice, short of asking the original document creator to email you the non-PDF version of the file). :-)

Anyway, I'll still need to test other issues such as:

  • How are clickable hyperlinks handled?

  • What happens to footers?

  • Can I convert encrypted PDFs into Word documents?

Still, those are not what you usually encounter is most corporate offices today, right? So go ahead and check out the non-expiring free trial version of Smart PDF Converter, and kiss your typical PDF-to-Word conversion problems away.

(Last updated: 07 August 2008)

[ First posted on 03/04/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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