Kids and High Grades

I was asking for some information regarding tutorial services, and she understandably thought I was concerned about high grades. In the Philippines, it seems that parents not-so-secretly wish their children would graduate with honors. But is it really worth it?

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Look around you. Aren't yesterday's "lazy" but street-smart students the successful entrepreneurs of today? And aren't the students with high grades (not all, but quite a few) now the efficient employees hired by their "carefree" classmates? Do you know of a relative who got stellar grades from elementary to high school, who ended up freaking out in college?

I know, I know. You'll always find honor graduates running their own businesses, and bulakbols who didn't amount to anything. But try this: Ask your children if they think high grades are important.

Chances are, they'll quickly say YES. Follow this up with WHY. Their answer might surprise you. I thought Adi would say: "Because you're happy when I get good grades." I didn't expect his: "I don't know."

(Nope, I'm not getting Adi a tutor. And neither will I "motivate" him to reach his potential with the famous: "What?? You only scored 99??")
[ First posted on 01/28/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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