Robbers Prey On Motorist (Quirino Avenue)

Got this via email from Suzette. Here's a narrative of how you can be robbed even if your car doors are locked.

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Hi Friends,

Oliver of advertising and promotions here. Word of advice, whenever possible, try to avoid Quirino avenue. I was robbed yesterday morning on the way to PAL center. I was alone in the car, stuck in traffic. the car was locked and the windows were up. I don't know how the hell they did it but they broke in and it all happened so fast.

2 guys. one acted as a decoy who was distracting me from the passenger side while the other picked the lock on my side. The radio was on so i wasn't able to hear the lock being picked.

When he managed to open the door, i tried to fight him off. He was asking for my cellphone pointing a 4-inch knife at me. His partner had already opened the passenger side of the car and he was rummaging for stuff to take.

I almost got my face sliced up by the one with the knife when he lunged for an attack when i refused to give up my watch. the knife grazed my jaw but small scratch lang. buti na lang umilag ako or he would have sliced my throat open. They took some cash and my Palm Pilot which was in the seat compartment. They probably thought it was a cellphone. They took off when the driver in the car beside me opened his door.

Take extra care and be more aware of what's going on in your environment especially when you're all alone in the car. and whenever you guys are enroute to manila via nagtahan, take the UN route instead. much safer... but don't get your hopes up. remember, you're still in the Philippines.

Attached herewith is a map of where the incident happened.

for awareness, please pass to your circle of friends.

If you're curious about where the robbery happened:
Click To View Location Map
[ First posted on 11/25/2003 by Manuel Viloria ]

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