Fast Food Fiction

I've just read the stories in Fast Food Fiction: Short Stories To Go (edited by Noelle Q. de Jesus). It took around 100 minutes to read some 61 stories (500 to 800 words per).

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Flash fiction. Short short stories. Maybe we can even call it blog fiction, for those who post short entries.

Stories that make you go: Huh, Bitin, Hmmm. Lines that make you go: "Whoa."

I dunno. Fast food has that momentary appeal which is wonderful if you're really hungry. But afterwards, you'll find yourself craving for something more nutritious.

There are some juicy gems, though (incomplete list):

The Break-Up Stories (Lilledeshan Bose)

And All Things Nice (Budjette G. Tan) - Please don't read the section on the Contributors (p. 170) before reading Budjette's flash fic.


Noel Vera's blog review of Matrix Revolutions -- "Makes Lord of the Rings look good, and I don't like Lord of the Rings."


Meteor Garden star takes Malacanang Palace by storm. Why do women find Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan) so attractive?! [[[ Inggit ka lang! ]]]
[ First posted on 11/06/2003 by Manuel Viloria ]

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