F4 Meteor Garden Translations

My sister is looking for English translations of the various F4 songs in the chinovela Meteor Garden, but first things first.

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For those who studied Zhuyin instead of today's popular Pinyin, you might need some help in converting from one to the other.

How can Internet Explorer display Chinese text?


Download both the Simplified and Traditional Chinese text display support:
+ "Microsoft Global IME 5.02 for Chinese (Simplified) - with Language Pack"
+ "Microsoft Global IME 5.02 for Chinese (Traditional) - with Language Pack"

Once you have installed those, check out the following:

Pinyin to Wade-Giles to Zhuyin Conversion Table
The Wade-Giles system sounds closer (p, p', m, f) to zhuyin (hello to Xaverians and ICAns!). The conversion table will hopefully help you "understand" pinyin, since the lyrics of these F4 songs are written in pinyin.

(Yes, folks... Ni Yao De Ai actually sounds like Ni Yao Te Ai. Guangdong actually sounds like Kwang Tong. Can you guess what Mao Ze Dong sounds like?)

English Translations of F4 Songs
Qing Fei De Yi / Meteor Garden Theme
Liu Xing Yu (Meteor Rain) - F4
Meteor Rain Album English Translation Part 1
Meteor Rain Album English Translation Part 2
English Translation of all of F4's Albums
Han Yu Pin Yin Lyrics of F4 Albums

Original Lyrics / Chinese Lyrics of F4 Albums
+ My favorite here is Entry # 15: Ni Yao De Ai

[ First posted on 08/07/2003 by Manuel Viloria ]

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