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(This expires midnight tonight - Wed. June 4th )

Care to do it again?

Last June 4th and 5th people helped my book,
'Spiritual Marketing,' became a #1 best-seller at

I want to do the same thing this year.

And I'll reward you for helping me achieve it.

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Go to Amazon and get one or more copies of my new book, The Greatest
Money-Making Secret in History
(in either hardcover
or paperback) and I'll give you access to *all* of the
following 19 e-products:

1. You'll get the e-book version of my new book with
the right to sell it to whoever you like (or give it
away). Since this is brand new and no one knows about
it yet, you can do well offering this ebook to people
for sale. The title alone will do most of the selling
for you: 'The Greatest Money-Making Secret in
History.' Value: $9.95

2. You'll get the famous interview of me on Hypnotic
Marketing, where Audri Landford picked my brains
about my 3-step formula for marketing online.
(Great stuff.) Value: $29.95

3. You'll get my interview of P.T. Barnum, which is
one of the most popular sections of my book on Barnum
and my tapeset with Nightingale-Conant. Value: $19.95

4. You'll get the complete book, 'Attaining Your
Desires,' by Genevieve Behrend. I've been selling this
1928 classic for a couple of years now. It's magical.
Value: $19.95

5. You'll get the thesis I wrote for my Master's
degree, titled, 'Which Treatment Works Best?' It's my
in-depth exploration of which metaphysical method gets
the best results today. (Very rare.) Value: $195.97

6. You'll get the dissertation I wrote for my doctorate
degree, titled 'Got Spirit?' It explored how early
metaphysical people marketed themselves. You'll
find this one VERY eye-opening. Value: $195.97

7. You'll also get the interview of me interrogating
Mark Joyner about his marketing secrets. (You'll be
stunned with Mark's openness and how he turns the
tables on me from time to time). Value: $357.97

8. You'll also get the complete book I sold for a year
on how any book can become an Amazon best-seller.
You can use the strategy for any book, tape, or any
item that Amazon sells. Value: $49.95

9. You'll also get the Special Report on how to access
your intuition by spiritual teacher John Harricharan.
(You'll love it.) Value: $19.95

10. You'll also get to hear the shameless interview
where Debbie Allen interviewed me about outrageous
publicity and Spiritual Marketing. Very wild and funny.
(You'll hear about the Elvis Mermaid.) Value: $39.95

11. You'll also get to read my now infamous report on
Unusual Marketing Secrets. Value: $19.95

12. You'll get '50 Years and 50 Insights' from John
Caples, the greatest copywriter of all time.
Value: $397.

13. You'll also get 'In a Far and Foreign Place,' a
set of 4 inspiring articles from Charles Burke of
sunny Japan. Value: $19.97

14. You'll also get Yanik Silver's famous ebook, 'The
Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages.' Value: $195.

15. You'll also get Bob Doyle's '10 Simple Steps to
Boundless Living' Special Report. Value: $19.97

16. You'll also get Terri Levine's terrific Special
Report, 'Money Problems? Here's What To Do Right
Now.' Value: $39.97

17. AND you'll also get Matt Furey's touching Special
Report, 'A Story about Frank.' This one reveals the
REAL keys to getting what you want. Value: $39.97

18. AND you'll also get an excerpt from Blair Warren's
unpublished ebook, 'The Forbidden Key to
Enlightenment.' Value: Priceless.

19. You'll also get '10-Minute Love Plan' by Dan Klatt.
You'll love this strategy for creating love in your
life. Value: Priceless (Actually, $39.95 but at this
point, who's counting?)

On top of all that, I'll ALSO give you access to ALL of
the bonuses I gave away last year, too. Value: $299.

AND I will give you surprise extra bonuses from such
gurus as Randy Charach, Jason Mangrum, Otto Collins
and many other mystery guests.

Yes, you can have ALL 19 of the above --- $1,970.39
worth of goodies --- if you simply go to Amazon today
(June 4th) and get at least one copy of my brand-new
book, 'The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History.'

When you receive your receipt by email from Amazon,
simply forward it to
My staff will confirm your order, and you will then
receive access to all of the above e-products.

My new book has been praised by the greats ---

Catherine Ponder, author of several classic books on
prosperity, said 'Your book is delightful.'

John Harricharan, best-selling author, said, 'This one
is destined to live forever. A true masterpiece.'

Remember, get just one copy today and you'll get
access to all of the above.

BUT ---

But when you get 10 or more copies of my new book
today, I'll give you all of the above AND all of this,

1. You'll get a 30-minute phone consultation with me.
You can ask me anything about Hypnotic Writing,
Hypnotic Marketing, Spiritual Marketing, my new book -
You name it. Value: $250

2. You'll get a surprise bonus package from me. I have
many old books and old tapes and other odds and ends.
Tell me your interests and I'll put together a
hand-picked surprise package just for you. Value: $350

3. You'll get a hardcover copy of the legendary book,
'The Robert Collier Letter Book.' Value: $350

4. You'll also get a copy of the brand new audiotape
package 'Spiritual Marketing.' Six cassettes in a
binder. Value: $125.95

Again, get one copy of my new book today at Amazon,
forward your receipt to
and you can have all 19 items listed above.

BUT get 10 or more copies of my new book today at
Amazon, forward your receipt to AND to me
at and you'll get the 19
items AND the 4 additional items.

* WAIT **

AND if you get 50 copies of my book today, you
can have all 19 freebies, the 4 additional freebies,
AND you can also join my E-BootCamp on Hypnotic
Marketing mid-way through and receive the final
4 lessons at no extra charge. (A $950 value)

So, grab 50 or more copies of my new book today
at Amazon, forward your receipt to AND to me at and you'll get the 19 items
AND the 4 additional items AND you'll get to
attend the last lessons in my E-Bootcamp on
Hypnotic Marketing.


Finally, all of this is good for today (June 4th) only.

Whether you get 1 book, 10 books, or 50 books,
the time to act is right now.

What are you waiting for?

Thank you,

Dr. Joe Vitale
President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.
#1 Best-Selling Author - 'Spiritual Marketing'

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[ First posted on 06/04/2003 by Manuel Viloria ]

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