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Stratego... is it still possible to find this boardgame here in the Philippines? We found a pricey version at Landes (5th Level, Podium). A quick check at Amazon shows you can get it at a bargain, especially if you have relatives willing to bring it home from the USA.

But if you plan to ship the Stratego boardgame from the USA to Manila, pay taxes, pay for gas to claim the product at the Post Office, the total cost will be somewhat closer to the Landes retail price here.

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It seems that Stratego is quite popular out here in the web. Found out that you pronounce it stra-TEE-go or struh-TEE-go.

In the Philippines, we pronounce Stratego this way:
is-STRA-teh-goh (goh rhymes with awe)

In the classic version (circa 25 years ago?), the highest ranking official is numbered 1, while in today's version, he's numbered 10. Some fans are no doubt disappointed about this change.

Another change I saw is that the plastic pieces no longer have individual molds -- they all look the same. That means you'll need to patiently and carefully apply the stickers to the 80 plastic pieces.

Still, sticker-mounting is much more relaxing that actually playing the game, as people around me can be quite competitive. For those wishing to improve their Stratego gameplaying skills, check out the site below, prepared by Ed Collins. (That's where I'll grab some interesting Stratego rules and strategies.)

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[ First posted on 05/12/2003 by Manuel Viloria ]

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