PDF Brander: A Viral PDF Branding Tool

PDF files (or ebooks) are sometimes used as effective viral marketing tools, because they can easily be passed along via email. But what makes them spread out faster are people who offer your PDF file as a downloadable file from their web sites.

That's where a PDF brander comes in -- ebook authors or those seeking cost-effective PR, publicity or advertising online should add this viral PDF branding tool to your arsenal.

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Usually, you write some useful 10-page document and offer it to people as a downloadable PDF file. To encourage others to offer your file on their web sites (let's face it, your site will not attract all the people on the web), you make your PDF file "brandible" so that other web site owners will find it worthwhile to offer your file.

Something along the lines of: "...this PDF file was downloaded from (name of site)"

In effect, you will allow some people to edit portions of your PDF file so that they can also promote themselves and their web sites. That means the brandible PDF file which you created will also serve as a marketing tool for those other web site owners.

That's why they'll offer it as a downloadable file at their sites.

So it's a win-win situation: Your PDF file promotes both you and others, so it gets passed around much faster.

One crucial tip: Please avoid mentioning the brandible aspect of your PDF file inside your PDF file itself. Why would others distribute your PDF file if the people they distribute it to can easily brand the PDF file themselves, right? So please protect your partners in your viral marketing campaign.

Where to find this Viral PDF Brander?
PDF Branding Tool
[ First posted on 03/17/2003 by Manuel Viloria ]

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