Flirting in a Bank

A funny thing happened on the way to the teller this afternoon at one of the local banks in the Philippines. There was a line of depositors, at the head of which was a guy who seemed to have the eye on this rather attractive woman behind him.

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He didn't seem to be suffering from any whiplash, as he easily kept turning his head back towards the source of his distraction. She, on the other hand, was trying to figure out which line to shift to. Aha, there's another teller on the left! But that sign in front says...

"...CLOSED," helpfully smiles the guy.

She politely smiles back. Or was it an annoyed squint?

"You're from [name of company], aren't you?" inquires the smiling guy.

She nods her head, then sees this other guy at the far off table transacting with some bank personnel. Who knows? Maybe she found that distant guy more interesting?

"So do you know [name of guy at company above]"? interrupts Mr. Smiley.

She nods again, then turns again to the distant guy who's now looking at her and Mr. Smiley.

Mr. Smiley now looks at Distant Guy... and presses onward.

"How about [so-and-so]...? Do you know him?"

She shakes her head. Ah, relief at last -- twas Mr Smiley's turn.

Anyway, Mr Distant Guy walks over and talks to her. He knows her and she knows him, it seems.

The line moves again, people transact, interact, then meld on with their lives. The air inside the bank gets noticeably warmer than the asphalt road baking outside under the afternoon sun. My papers turn soft and sweaty.

Who says banks are boring?

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[ First posted on 02/27/2003 by Manuel Viloria ]

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