Search Engine Optimization -- How To Track?

Let's say you've decided to avail of search engine optimization (SEO) services where you're promised higher web site visibility in the search engines. But how do you track or measure success? Here's how...

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1. Make Use Of Your Web Site Logs.

Most web host providers will give you access to your web site logs. From there you can see which pages were visited by which countries. You'll also see which search engines visitors used when they found your site.

2. Use LightningTrack.

LightningTrack allows you to easily count how many times a link was clicked on. High visibility on the web site means nothing if people don't bother to click on the link, right?

(If you put your mouse on the highlighted word "LightningTrack" above, you'll see an example of a LightningTrack link.)

Instead of asking your SEO services provider to submit your htm or html web pages, have them submit your LightningTrack PHP pages. This way, you can also see:

+ How many times people return to your pages.
+ When your link was clicked.

3. Keep A Log Of Results.

Are you just after visitors? Or are you after sales? What's the point of having four times more visitors, if your sales remain the same, right? Objectively measure your ROI, folks.

Don't quickly believe that just because you have more web site visitors you'll get your return on investment automatically. For all you know, those visitors are just search engine robots and not people. Or if they're actually people, they're not your target market.

That's it for now. If ever you need help with keyword targeting or search engine results tracking, drop me a line some time...
[ First posted on 12/17/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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