Self-Portraiture: The Mirror Project

Have you seen The Mirror Project? (

It's a place where you can submit images of you photographing your reflection. Nope, it's not all about vanity. Some of the photos do not clearly show the face of the photographer, just hazy or dark reflections.

Anyway, a couple of my submissions were accepted:

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Filipino Family
If you look carefully at the face of Angel, you'll see Adi's reflection. I noticed it only after I submitted the photo. At first, I thought Angel's white blouse washed out the image of Adi.

Looking Down On Heaven
Took a photo of a ceiling using that spherical silver thing that keeps food warm. It's usually found on buffet tables. Anyone knows what the heck it's called?

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[ First posted on 11/19/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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