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I'm trying out this new service that allows me to pre-write reminders that can be sent to me (or my friends, colleagues, customers, clients) via email. It's a service called LeadLightning and you can get more info by simply sending a blank email to:

It's similar to the usual follow-up email services that allow you to automatically send a series of messages to your customers (while you sleep), but I like it more because of the Reminder Service.

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For example, I can program it to remind me at around 4:15PM to give medicine to my kid, or fetch a child from school, or attend a meeting, or greet someone a Happy Birthday!

That also means I can write email messages in advance, and these messages will be automatically sent in the future to friends who expect to hear from me. How far into the future? It's up to you.

Yes, this assumes I'm near a keyboard so that I'm able to see the email when it arrives.

But that's ok.

We can now avail of email-to-sms applications on the web, so those important reminders can still get to me via email, and eventually via text. :-)

(If you're based in the United States, Leadlightning has a service that ties its Reminder feature with some US-based cellphone operators. If you're not from the US, let me know and I'll help you set-up your email-to-SMS application.)

Who else can use this?
+ Dermas, Dentists, Doctors who need to remind patients to return for a check-up
+ Car Shops who want to remind customers to come back for car maintenance
+ Marketing, PR firms who want to surprise clients with birthday greetings
+ Hotels, Restaurants, Malls who want to remind people about upcoming promos or sales
+ Teachers who want to remind parents about meetings
+ Athletes who want to motivate themselves about their Program
+ Wedding / Party / Bazaar Organizers who want to remind themselves about key deadlines
+ You who want to remind yourself about... ANYTHING.

Get more info by simply sending a blank email to:

(Disclosure: When you see the value of the service, you'll sign up and will send a modest commission my way. When that happens, I will program things here so that others who sign up from this web site,, will send commissions to YOU or people under YOU. Win-win, right?)
[ First posted on 10/22/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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