Useful Tagalog / Filipino Phrases

I noticed that someone ended up at this site because s/he was searching for "USEFUL FILIPINO PHRASES" at Google. So here's an attempt to provide such a list, preferably something more contemporary. Please note that all the vowels in Pilipino or Tagalog are short vowels. "A" as in machine and not mayhem, "E" as in echo and not eel, "I" as in his and not high, "O" as in awe and not owe, and "U" as in flu and not up. Ready? :-)

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Update: Want to speak Tagalog? Try the Pinoy Podcast where you will hear Tagalog lessons and stories from the Philippines:

Anyway, on to the useful Tagalog phrases on this page...

(Note: All caps means put the stress on that syllable.)

If you would like to hear Manuel pronounce some of the Tagalog phrases below, then...

Download the Tagalog Audio Clips Ebook
(2.3MB EXE ebook that runs on Windows)

Good morning :: ma-gan-dang u-MA-ga (note: dang rhymes with sang)
Have you eaten? :: ku-MA-in ka na?
It's late. Go to sleep. :: ga-bi NA. ma-TU-log ka na.
Do you miss me? :: MIS mo ba a-KO?
I miss you a lot. :: MIS ki-TA. SO-bra.
I truly love you. :: ma-HAL ki-TA. as IN.
I'm madly in love with you. :: ma-HAL ki-TA. GRA-be. (or labs ki-TA. tin-DI.)
Ok, I agree (sulking tone). :: K, Fine. Watever. (Ok, fine. Whatever.)
You're so pretty! :: ang gan-da MO. Cutie!
Sure! :: si-GE! (like the word 'Get' without the 'T')
Please don't sulk... :: i-to na-MAN. WAG ka nang mag-tam-PO... plissss?

Okay, okay. By popular demand, I've added a few more contemporary Tagalog phrases.

(Flash player required)

When someone says or does something mindbogglingly
stupid and you want to say "Duh?!" or "Hello?!", try Haller?!

Sus! Ang mahal naman...
Jeez! That's expensive...

Wala bang discount?
Isn't there a discount?

Saan ba kayo papunta?
Where are you (plural) going?

Samahan mo naman ako sa mall, o...
Please accompany me to the mall...
(The 'o' at the end is like a sound
of endearment, or panlalambing.)

Tara na!
Let's go!

Let's go, sago!
Sago is like tapioca. This is a play on words,
because the ending syllables rhyme. Your pinoy
friends will be surprised when they hear you
say this! :-)

Tara lets, bagets!
Another variation. Bagets is a term popular during
80s, which refers to young people or teenagers.

Umuwi na tayo...
Let's go home... [said entreatingly]

Manunuod pa ako ng Lovers in Paris, eh...
I'm going to watch Lovers in Paris
(a popular Koreanovela that airs at
around 10pm, ABS-CBN 2)

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[ First posted on 09/16/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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