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"We expect the TCO of a PDA to be $700 to $1,600 or more per user annually..."

Email Security in a Mobile Environment

Microsoft inches into government CRM market. "Microsoft's Great Plains unit will stop selling Siebel's customer relationship management (CRM) software. Gartner believes that could pave the way for a Microsoft CRM offering that meets the specific needs of governments."

Post a message to the future. "Want to send a message to your future descendants that will be read in 500 centuries' time? The nonprofit 'KEO' program is putting together a time capsule that will orbit Earth in a satellite for 50,000 years and then return to the planet. The group, headed by a French scientist, is in India seeking messages."

Email worm exploits 11 September. "An email claiming to have information about the 11 September attacks on the US releases a mass mailing worm."

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[ First posted on 09/12/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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