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How can we get our kids to read, or to love reading? What's the big deal, you ask? It's just a theory but perhaps reading will improve one's writing.

So what? Well, if your children were to apply for a job and their prospective boss asked them to write an essay, do you suppose those who love to read will come up with something like this --

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"Day 1: First we leaved the [place deleted to protect the innocent] at 6:00 in the morning last Friday. We arrived in Lourdes Grotto and we saw the statue of Mama Mary. But it is very tired to go there because the stairs were very long. We also have picture taking but we haven't spent our time there because of rain drops and windy.

"After that we went to crystal cave but we didn't go inside because the entrance is to much expensive.

"Then we arrived at Burnham Park at 10:00 in the morning then we ate our lunch then after eating, we used our time for roaming around and having picture taking. We also enjoy riding on boats and we went to Botanical Garden, and we saw different kinds of flowers. We are lucky enough because we saw igorots on their costumes. We are fund buying of bracelets for souvenirs. Then we used our time for picture taking with my friends. After that, we went to the mansion. We spent our time there, picture taking and eating our snacks. And yet we are already on our way to Holy Spirit. It is a solemn house for praying. Only the Sisters are staying there. We get all our things on the bus and we went first to base room for meetings. At 5:30 in the afternoon, we went to base room again for some prayers and mass together with our bibles. And at 6:00 in the evening, we went to chapel for mass, and at exactly 7:00 we ate our dinner and after we finished eating our dinner we return to the chapel to pray again, and listen some religious songs. Then at 10:00 in the evening we went to our bed and rest."

Whew. But how do we get our kids to read more and watch TV less? By example? Hehehe...
[ First posted on 09/09/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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