"The Truth Must Be Told!"

"The Truth Must Be Told!"
A Review of "Magic Words That Bring You Riches"

I once heard someone define advertising as being "truth well told." By this brilliant definition, Ted Nicholas is an absolute genius because he knows how to dramatize the truth in the most compelling and memorable way. He does this simply by using choice words and phrases.

It's no wonder that sometime ago, Ted brainstormed a single headline for a newspaper advertisement, and it successfully pulled in over $75 million in sales over a period of several years. It's also no wonder that he achieved almost $25 million in direct mail sales of one of his books, and he is often called the 500 Million Dollar Man, having successfully marketed over $500 million worth of products in 49 different industries.

Does Ted Nicholas have the magic touch? No, but what he does have are magic words.

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Ted claims that you are only 17 words away from making a fortune. He's convinced that his book, "Magic Words that Bring You Riches," will enable you to earn several hundred thousand dollars a year.

The book's promise was too fantastic to resist. So I finally got a hold of it, and after I read it, I truly wondered why it took me so long to find this amazing book.

The first few short chapters, which fall under the heading, "Magic Words that Get You Everything You Want in Life" may not be monumental -- but they're definitely useful in everyday life. I picked up a few "magic phrases" I didn't know, such as how to get the very best table in any restaurant; attract the opposite sex; have clients or employers clamoring to hire you; fly first class for the price of coach; or rent a Mercedes for the price of a Ford.

After reading the last 23 chapters, however, I was positively speechless. Ted shares his earth-shaking secrets for accomplishing marketing miracles. Recognizing that different words produce different results, Ted invested over $100,000 in tests to discover magic words that produce the best results in marketing. He dispenses these magic words freely throughout this book. This is simply pure gold for anyone who wants to succeed in marketing, particularly direct response marketing.

"Ted's strategies earned me over $1,000,000 last year!"
--- Mike Enlow, Masters of Marketing, Magnolia, Mississippi

Although I'd like to explain the phenomenon behind these magic words, I'd rather you hear it straight from the horse's mouth - so I'm going to let Ted explain how he discovered these powerful words and phrases - and how you can use them to market successfully.

Listen... if you were just 17 words away from achieving great wealth, wouldn't you want to discover what those magic words are? Visit 17MagicWords.com now.
[ First posted on 09/02/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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