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Angel enjoys reading Conrado de Quiros' column. But surfing to and dealing with that pesky pop-up box can sometimes get too much. Not to mention clicking a couple of more times just to get to the actual column and... well, you get the picture.

So here's a page that's just a click away from a De Quiros column. Enjoy!

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What makes the situation anarchic is not the fact that the opposition is bitterly contesting the fight, it is that one of those bitterly contesting the fight is the President herself. That Macapagal-Arroyo is manipulating the results of the elections is arguable; that she is in a position to do so is not.

Why are you writing those things-would you rather FPJ became president?

I did not hear the Comelec demanding to know then what the sources of information of ABS-CBN and GMA-7 were and what safeguards they had taken to prevent trending.

Pyrrhic victory
That is what Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's impending victory in the elections is: a Pyrrhic one. It has been won at such a great cost, you wonder what it is worth.

My friends have been ribbing me these past days about my support for Raul Roco having come to naught.... But I have absolutely no regrets about supporting him. I do not feel like a loser, I feel like a winner. I voted for the one person I thought was best suited for the job, and at least for me, that has made all the difference.

But it isn't true that the burden of proving these elections have been reasonably clean, and their results perfectly acceptable, lies with the opposition.

Coming home
Ibarra Gutierrez, the junior professor who wrote about coming back to resume his work in the University of the Philippines (UP) after having spent a couple of years getting his Master of Arts degree in the United States, continues to elicit strong responses from readers.

I will spare the networks the trouble of calling me up to ask for my opinion of what happened in these elections. It has three defining characteristics, none of which augurs well for the future of elections in this country.

Malay pride
I deliberately did not search the Web for news of the Paquiao-Marquez fight, which I knew would already have been known by lunchtime. I wanted to savor every moment of the fight on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Do not go out and vote
Do not go out and vote if you think the elections are already over.

Literature and journalism
Nick Joaquin offers a third lesson in humility. That is to stand in awe before the wonders of writing.

I disagree: It's not Japan that has the highest rate of suicide, it's the Philippines. The only difference is that the Japanese commit suicide individually, Filipinos do it en masse.

Someone told me with a smile recently that I seemed to be a Roco loyalist. I said not at all, I did not seem to be a Roco loyalist, I was a Roco loyalist.

One is tempted to say let's take time out from the elections to talk about Nick Joaquin. But that is not quite correct. The time out is not Nick Joaquin, it is the elections.

* * *

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[ First posted on 03/08/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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