Philippine Culture

This Month In The Philippines
Glimpse the changing face of Philippine culture during the twelve months of the year.

Podcasting Visayan Songs
Here's my dad singing a few Visayan songs.

Mano Po
In the Philippines, children are taught to respect their elders. One way of expressing respect is by "kissing" the right hand of an older person when you greet them.

Illness (Paraig)
When a person gets sick in the Philippines, he or she is cared for in a special Filipino way.

Call Centers
How the call center market is creating a sub-culture of Filipinos.

Jeanette, a nursing student in Montreal, asks about Filipino cultural beliefs during pregnancy and postpartum, "for the mum & for the BB... anything from the food to any beliefs and their rationales." Here are some things I could think of, and again I invite fellow Pinoys to email your comments, additions, and stories.

Pregnant Women
Canatty asks about pregnant women in the Philippines, and here are answers to those questions. Again, I invite my fellow Pinoys to email your experiences about this topic.

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