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  • Your Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
    When you sink your teeth into a chocolate chip cookie, what you think of first is the chocolate chip cookie recipe that has been used. You can’t help but wonder - and often wish that you could bake a batch for yourself too.

  • Yummy Cocktail Recipes
    Cocktail parties are all the rage these days. Apart from socializing with corporate partners, old and new acquaintances, and friends, you will be surprised by the delightful taste of different cocktail drinks and punches that invigorate and keep you awake the whole night long.

  • Food Recipes
    Food recipes intended for a healthy heart usually have low fat and cholesterol. Meals for vegetarians are normally the choice of people who want to avoid heart diseases since they are low in fat but rich in fiber. Here are some tips to heart healthy eating.

  • Free online recipes
    Free online recipes are for people in a rush. In today's fast-paced world, people hop from one thing to another. This extends to the way people are preparing and eating their food.

  • Indian recipes
    For years, Indian recipes have been famous and everyone wants to learn to cook tasty, spicy Indian dishes. Indian curry is one recipe that has been known for almost 5,000 years.

  • Irish Recipes
    On St.Patrick's day, all the Irish are wearing green, symbolizing spring and prospering of the crops. There is a thanksgiving party to celebrate this holiday. And one of the highlights in the festivity is the vast array of foods spread out across the dining table.

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