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Hair Styles Articles

  • Wedding Hairstyle
    Aside from burial, and baptism, the wedding day is among the three occasions by which the principal sponsors really have some big deals to do! And since bridal day is destined to be celebrated only for the "bride"

  • Hairstyles for Prom
    Prom nights are very exciting; and they are among the most memorable events in your high school life. However, to some girls, prom seems to pose several dilemmas; choosing the right dress to wear, the appropriate shoes to buy, what makeup should get along well with your whole getup, and of course, which among the hundreds of hair styles for prom should you be wearing during the ball.

  • Hairstyles : Fringes
    Many people live with their lifetime stock of bangs while other people detest any sorts of fringe there are. Like with most hairstyles, layered or not, fringes or bangs (if you prefer) do not always suit the type of hair or face shape of virtually any person.

  • Basic Long Hair Styles
    Wearing long hair is never out of fashion; youíve got lots of options on how to style it regardless of your hair type and color. Especially if youíve got that long, soft and shiny hair every girl is envious about, keeping it long and styling it is never a problem. Just comb it well, let it down and allow it to reveal its natural beauty and youíre done.

  • Sedu Celebrity Hairstyles
    Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, Angelina Jolie, amongst others are usually seen constantly sporting sedu celebrity hairstyles. If you donít know these showbiz people, (although there are hardly many people who do not know them), you might easily think that they have a naturally, smooth-flowing straight tresses.

  • Formal Hairstyle Fad
    As a general practice of everyone, they seem to adopt what the current trend is. From the clothing fashion, accessories, footwear styles, up to the craze regarding formal hairstyle, everyone is just simply hooked into the fad until they drop. When it is the ongoing fashion, you will nearly see almost everybody wearing the craze.