How You Can Have A Passive Income Because Of The Internet And Manny's Network Of Websites

Here's how you can get a recurring income from the internet, while getting healthier at the same time.

Saturday, 26 September 2020


I signed up as a First Vita Plus dealer, and I'm building a network of dealers with the internet marketing help of my growing network of websites.

When I reviewed my plan, I noticed that total strangers, or people I have had zero contact with before can benefit from my online marketing campaign.

And that got me thinking...

I should at least let my friends know about this!

In the network marketing plan, I may place only two people directly under me. That means the next people I sponsor as dealers will go under the early members of my team.

So when I get complete strangers as early dealers under me, then they will benefit from the other dealers I attract to the business. All those future dealers (and the people that they attract) will be placed under my early dealers.

Wouldn't it be better if those initial dealers are people I actually know? That's where you come in. I'm giving you, someone I know, the chance to be part of my team.

You might be asking the following questions...

1. Baka pyramid lang iyan?

No, it's not a pyramid scheme.

It is a multilevel marketing program, because there is a legitimate product.

People are earning money even if they do not sponsor others to become dealers. Dealers are buying products at a 25% discount, and then re-selling these at the suggested retail price. Yes, there are people who prefer earning 25% via direct selling.

2. How much passive income can I earn?

You can earn up to a maximum of P15,000 a day (or P75,000 at the end of each 5-day week) through the sponsorship program. This comes out to a maximum of P300,000 a month. You can earn more if you go into retail (i.e., you know someone who wants to sell the First Vita Plus natural health drink in their hospital, botica, restaurant, convenience store, gasoline station, resort).

If you wish, you can view the online video tutorial when you scroll down the page at (opens in a new window).

Yes, voice-over ko 'yon. :-)

3. Have you personally tried the product, Manuel?

Yes, I have drunk several glasses of the First Vita Plus natural health drink (dalandan flavor). I drink one glass of First Vita Plus in the morning after breakfast, and my energy levels have remained high much longer. I also have found relief from constipation.

I tried it because our cook, Merlie, told me her high blood pressure levels went down to 120/80 after drinking First Vita Plus for 30 days. She stopped taking her usual Neo Black.

Just to clarify, it was not Merlie who introduced me to First Vita Plus.

My friend Junal used to have frequent sore throat problems, but after taking First Vita Plus regularly, he no longer got tonsilitis. Again, to clarify, Junal did not invite me to become a First Vita Plus dealer.

My daughter Ali's yaya, Belen, has ulcer and had been suffering stomach pains. I let her drink First Vita Plus and after 3 days, her tummy pains disappeared. That's the power of those five veggies in the natural health drink.

So yes, First Vita Plus works for me, and the people around me. Who knows? It could also work for you. Afterall, didn't our moms tell us to eat our vegetables? :-)

4. What's in First Vita Plus?

This BFAD-certified, FDA-approved, HALAL-certified drink contains the extract from 5 Philippine vegetables. You will find more details in this webpage (just one of many websites in my own, personally built network of websites):
(Clicking on the above link will open the webpage in another window)

5. What if I don't want to sell or do network marketing?

Then don't. No problem. :-)

There's no sales quota. You are not required to sell anything.

All I'm doing is letting you know that you now have the chance to earn a passive income, by piggy-backing on my network of websites and my online marketing campaign.

I just wanted you to know this, before I go full blast on my internet marketing and let total strangers benefit from, and know about this.

Just to clarify...

After you register as a First Vita Plus dealer in my group, you are not required to buy or sell anything. There is no quota at all.

It's up to you if you simply prefer to consume the product, market the product whenever you feel like it and earn more, or simply do nothing. You'll still enjoy the benefits of being a First Vita Plus dealer.

6. Will this really work?

Here's the simple truth: There are no guarantees.

Well, I researched on network marketing, so let's look at some numbers...

The typical traditional network marketer is able to sponsor around a little under 3 people (2.7 people on average) in a typical network marketing program.

The typical success rate of a networker is 2% to 3%, which means that for every 100 people that a networker communicates with, around 2 to 3 people end up joining.

What this tells me is that a typical networker speaks with 100 people, because that typical networker used the old methods of calling people on the phone, harassing them during parties, bugging friends, handing out flyers in malls and parking lots.

The typical networker, who reaches only 100 people, does not use the internet.

I, on the other hand, use the internet. Started way back in 1995.

Now my network includes websites such as,,,,,,, and many more.

My network of websites gets at least 3,000 unique visitors daily.

Let's be conservative and assume my network only gets 2,000 visitors daily.

Assuming a very conservative one-half of one percent of those visitors decides to view my online presentation about First Vita Plus, that means 10 people will view my First Vita Plus presentation online.

In a month, that's 300 people who will see the presentation.

Assuming only half of one percent of those people sign up as a First Vita Plus dealer, that's around 1 new dealer each month.

In other words, while I sleep or get on with my other activities (family, work, friends, community), my network of websites will tirelessly make at least 300 presentations on autopilot each month, and can motivate and attract one new dealer a month.

It's not get rich quick. It's get rich slow.

As you can see, one dealer a month is a long-term strategy.

I asked some of the top earners in First Vita Plus such as Manny Casapao (former taxi driver), Ronald Valdez (former delivery truck driver), and Richard Usita (former security guard) how long it took them to reach their P150,000 to P300,000+ per month earnings.

Their answers ranged from 18 months to 24 months.

And what's surprising is that the number of dealers they personally invited was anywhere from 5 to 12 people only.

In the case of Manny Casapao, of the 5 people he directly sponsored, only 2 are actively doing the business. The 3 are relatives who just signed up as dealers under him, and are not doing anything else.

That's the power of network marketing. Once you attract highly motivated and business-minded networkers, your own network will grow.

The First 12

As I've mentioned previously, I may place only two people directly under any one person. In the above chart, you will see how I will use the internet to directly sponsor 12 new dealers, and how I will position them.

Assuming I'm the only one doing the marketing and attracting new dealers, you can see that people in position "A" and position "B" will each have 6 people under them after I have attracted 12 new dealers through the power of internet marketing and my own extensive network of websites.

Those 6 people translates to 3 pairs or matches, which equals P4,500 (P1,500 x 3 matches) in Group Sales Override Commissions. Yes, this is earned even if A or B do not sell anything. Afterall, there is no quota.

Can you now see how Dealers A and B can earn a passive income?

Now imagine what will happen when some of those 6 people under you become active network marketers and, through their own efforts, also build a network under themselves?

For example, what if Dealer #1 builds a network of 100 people, while Dealer #3 also builds a network of 100?

That means Dealer "A" will have 100 pairs or matches, which translates to P150,000 in Group Sales Override Commissions (P1,500 x 100 matches), even if Dealer "A" does not personally sell anything.

Just to reiterate, there are no guarantees.

But before I go and promote this to thousands of strangers via the web, I just wanted to let you know about it first. For all we know, you might be interested in taking the "A" or "B" slot.

This way, we can get rid of the "Sayang's" and the "What If's" later down the road.

7. So, how much will this cost?

You simply register as a dealer through me, by getting a First Vita Plus Power Pack for P7,699.

The Power Pack contains 12 boxes (20 sachets of the powdered natural health drink per box). Each box retails for P770, so you pay only P7,699 in exchange for P9,240 worth of product.

Next, add only P778 for shipping and handling (for a total of P8,477) and a customer service assistant will take care of lining up at the retail outlet in the SunTree Tower in Ortigas, registering you as a First Vita Plus dealer under me, and shipping your Power Pack straight to your home via LBC Express (Metro Manila only).

[Yes, the price has increased. Thank you to those who took action and got in before the price went up.]

I'm Looking For Only 12, 10, 7, 6, 5 Friends

At this point in time, I'm looking for only five business-minded friends.

This allows me to focus the power of the internet to build the networks under you. If you view the online video tutorial at, you'll see that I will need to build both the left side and right side under you.

When you are ready to become a First Vita Plus dealer, please send me your full name, address, telephone, and birthdate.

If you're interested, please text me at +63 928 502 5667 so I can give you my bank account details where you can deposit the P8,477 (and you can get and enjoy the product right away).

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria

P.S. Don't worry, I won't bug you about this during meetings or get-togethers. I won't even do any follow-ups. As you may have guessed, I like using the internet. Ibang klaseng network marketing ito. :-)

P.P.S. So if you also want the chance to earn a truly passive income via the internet by riding on my established network of websites, then let me know today! Remember, you are under no obligation to buy or sell anything after you become a registered dealer.

Get in touch with Manny today - Text 0928 502 5667 or send email to