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Jan 20, 2007
Globe Visibility subscribers are getting irate over the slow internet connection brought about by the Taiwan earthquake which damaged submarine cables.

In Globe Visibility On The Run (Philippine Star, Telecoms section), Kathy Moran writes:
Over the Christmas break, the tsunami that affected Taiwan and Internet connections hereabout notwithstanding, we got to test just how fast and well the Globe-connected HSDPA Samsung phone worked. And, might I add, we were not disappointed.

Well, she must be very fortunate. Others have been unhappy with the slow Globe Visibility connection. For example, Marc Macalua writes in No Visibility:
Customer service shouldn’t be a passive exercise. Don’t wait for us to call your hotline to complain because no amount of Taiwan-bashing will compensate for the crazy download speeds.
I've seen how slow Globe Visibility can be in Quezon City and Pasig City. It's been slower than dial-up these past few weeks. I can't log into GMail or Yahoo. Sure, there's one bar of HSDPA, but I shift to GPRS/EDGE because that's the only way I can access other sites (such as the Speakeasy speed test page).

I even brought the matter up to Globe's Customer Care group, and they profusely apologized and promised to bring the matter up to Management. The thing is, they didn't even bother to get my name or contact number, so that tells me they're not focused on giving me feedback regarding my complaint.


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If you cancel your Globe Visibility before the end of your committed 24-month period, you will need to pay P11,700. (More to follow...)

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