Ultimate Internet Marketing Strategy

How To Gain More Customers and Grow Your Business Because of the Internet

Thursday, 10:17 a.m.

Dear Fellow Filipino Entrepreneur,

You've noticed the changing environment and the changing tastes of today's consumers, and you're probably wondering how to reach your customers no matter where they are.

Whether they are reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, watching television, listening to their iPods or cell phones, or even surfing on the internet, wouldn't it make business sense to get your company's message to them?

And once you deliver your message to them in an appealing way, wouldn't they reciprocate by availing of your company's products and services?

Why don't we put it to the test?

Hi! I'm Manuel Viloria, your friendly e-business coach.

Why friendly? I would like to build an effective web site for your company.

For FREE. That's not a typo. For free. No financial outlay on your part.

Here's what your FREE web site will contain:

Your Questions, Answered

If you're curious about how everything comes together, here are the answers to your questions.

1. What is the strategy?

Give information to your target market in various formats: text web pages, audio mp3 files, downloadable videos. Your target customers will appreciate what you have given them, and they will reciprocate by consuming your products or availing of your company's services, or by recommending your company to their friends.

2. How do we put that information online?

We'll sit down and talk about your business and your target customers. Then we'll brainstorm about what topics your customers will find interesting, and which have some kind of relation to your company's products and services. Next, we will convert that information into a web site.

3. What will the web site look like?

It will look like a functional, fast-loading site such as Viloria.com, which contains some images, audio files, and articles in text format.

4. Why does the site look simple?

That's the kind of site that gets indexed by search engines. If your site is in the search engines such as Google, that helps your target market find your site.

5. But I want flashy graphics for my site...

Let's first build your FREE site.

Once it starts earning money for your business, I can recommend a number of professional web graphics designers to help spruce up your site.

Have you ever heard of how a lot of web sites take so long to develop because people keep changing their minds about the design? And once the site is finally launched, it does not meet the business objectives? It ends up being a pretty site that does not make money?

So let's do something different.

Let us build a free and useful web site, make it earn money first, and then add all those glitzy graphics later on, if you wish.

6. Simple site? But what about audio?

We can easily record you sharing stories that are of interest to your customers. At the end of the recording, we can talk about your company and your products and services.

What makes this effective is that your customers will be able to hear your marketing message even when they're far from the computer, because they can bring their MP3 players and cell phones around with them.

7. Why are you doing this for free?

We want to help promote Philippine small and medium scale enterprises. We also want to prove that Philippine businesses can grow because of the internet.

We have the technology and online marketing skills, and we need you, the Filipino entrepreneur, to complete the circle.

Sample Scenario

Imagine you have a restaurant that caters to young professionals.

What if, after speaking with your customers, you find out that they like a particular Pinoy band (i.e., Hale). We will then create write-ups about that band and post those in your free web site.

Other fans of Hale go searching in Google, and they'll find your Restaurant web site. They surf on over, and read those Hale articles.

At the bottom of each article is an invitation for them to visit your restaurant, where they can dine with other Hale fans.

And who knows? Why not actually speak with those band members, record the interview, and make that available as a downloadable MP3 file on your free web site? More fans will get the MP3 file and will share it to other music lovers.

Of course, somewhere within the mp3 file is an audio invitation for the listeners to come and visit your restaurant.

Many weeks later, people will continue to hear about your web site articles and your MP3 recording, and they will see and hear your Restaurant's invitation. Yes, that's weeks and months after the article was written.

Where else have you heard of FREE advertising that continues to work weeks and months after it was first spread around?

And the great thing is, this can be applied to practically any industry or business: Give your customers what they want, and they will reward you for it.

And what faster and inexpensive way to give to your customers than through the internet, right? Doesn't that make sense to you?

So, What's Next?

Please get in touch with us today so that we can meet and discuss the basic info about your business and your target market, or so that we can answer your other questions.

Kind regards,

Manuel Viloria
Your Friendly E-Business Coach

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